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Späni Zentrale Haustechnik AG is the leading company for production of central vacuum cleaner and laundry drop systems in Switzerland. Our products are not only outstandingly well-suited to private use, they are also perfect for use with industrial and commercial applications. 

Edgar Späni installed a central vacuum system and laundry drop system in his private home in Illgau, when he became familiar with these technologies.

Fascinated by the use of this system, Edgar Späni founded the company "Bautechnik Späni".

In addition to himself as the company founder, Edgar Späni hires the first full-time employee. Gerry Gwerder from Muotathal joins the company. The current full-time employee, Gerry Gwerder, also works in the area of central vacuum cleaner systems and now takes complete care of the installation segment.

This is a special, ground-breaking year. The first prototypes of the company's own central vacuum cleaner system are tested.

Three additional technicians are hired permanently by Späni. In the following year, two more technicians are hired full-time. The company has started to grow and is now able to dedicate itself to the goal of producing the devices in Switzerland.

The time has finally come. The first central vacuum cleaner systems are introduced to the Swiss market as the "ProfiVac®" brand. Until this time, the devices were still being imported.

The worldwide innovations AirControl and IntelligentSystem are introduced to the market.

The demand for central vacuum cleaners became greater and greater, so much that Edgar Späni and his employees had very little space. He purchased the 6,000 m² armoury in Steinen.

Späni Zentrale Haustechnik celebrates its 15-year anniversary and the opening in Steinen with an open-house day. Today, 22 people are employed at Späni Zentrale Haustechnik AG.

In order to highlight the sustainability of our central vacuum cleaners, we focus on renewable energy!
Our production hall roof is equipped with 680 m² of solar panels, which means that we are very likely the only central vacuum manufacturer in the world that produces its devices using ecological solar power!