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Schindler Aufzüge AG, Ebikon, Switzerland

Schindler AG Elevators in Ebikon, Switzerland, uses the ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner so that employees can not only have dust-free rooms, but also so that they can benefit from air that is free of odours, bacteria, and allergens. In the 24-hour call centre, the additional advantage is that even during the whisper-quiet central vacuum cleaning, employees are able to continue their conversations with customers without problems.


IASA Bürogebäude, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

At IASA Instandhaltungstechnik AG, not only do the customers benefit, employees also enjoy the maximum level of cleanliness that is ensured by the ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system.


Russian National Library, St. Petersburg

The Russian National Library was equipped with the biggest ever ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system. Especially in libraries, a lot of dust collects Conventional vacuum cleaners make this problem even worse, because the dust that is agitated by the vacuum cleaner accumulates on the books. With a central vacuum cleaner system, wiping dust and the time and costs involved are drastically reduced.


Vacuum Bay, Dubai

At Vacuum Bay in Dubai, UAE, over 350 vehicles are cleaned every day to remove sand and dust from the desert with a large-scale ProfiVac system during 24-hour operation and at as high as 50 ° Celsius.


Wyss Sanitär, commercial building and workshop, Stans, Switzerland

Wyss Haustechnik AG is a specialist for high-quality sanitary equipment. The ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner is in constant use during the production process. Whether it's burring residue from cut tubes or dust that results during daily work, the workshop and commercial building of Wyss Haustechnik AG is kept clean by a ProfiVac system.


Thermoplan Kaffeemaschinen, Weggis, Switzerland

Thermoplan coffee machines are used around the world. At the workshops in Weggis, ProfiVac central vacuum cleaners are used to optimise the production process. Every machine is tested after production. Before it is available for sales, it must be cleaned. During this process, the ProfiVac vacuum solution provides over 50% time savings, whereby extracted coffee beans and coffee grinds are conveyed directly into the compost via a pre-separator. The 100-degree hot water used for cleaning is fed directly into the preparation system via the pre-separator. 


Schweizerische Rheinsalinen, Pratteln, Switzerland

At Switzerland's largest salt manufacturer, a Profivac central vacuum cleaner ensures clean dispatching and storage halls.


High-Tech-Glas Trösch, Bützberg, Switzerland

At Switzerland's largest glass manufacturer, the odd glass plate breaks during production. In this case, a Profivac central vacuum cleaner system ensures that interruptions to production are kept as short as possible.


Garage Waldsburger und Bühlmann AG, Mägenwil, Switzerland

Before the cars leave the garage following service and repair, they are cleaned using a ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner. The high-performance ProfiVac ensures that the customers are able to receive their cars again clean. 


Hess Holzbau AG, Ziefen, Switzerland

Hess Holzbau AG designs and implements new buildings, conversions, extensions, and renovations. Profivac central vacuum cleaner systems and the hose spools are used at grinding and planing machines to vacuum clean the work spaces directly .


Vogt AG, Meinisberg, Switzerland

During the production of small electrical components, ProfiVac vacuum cleans exactly where the dirt results, namely precisely at grinding and polishing machines. The work areas area also cleaned daily using the ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner.


Felchlin Schokolade AG, Schwyz, Switzerland

At Felchin Schokolade AG, cacao beans are processed to produce rich chocolate. In the foodstuffs hygiene zone, ProfiVac provides absolute food cleanliness in the cacao bean roaster and shelling machine. Even the conveyor systems are kept clean this way.


V-Zug AG Geschirrspüler, Zug, Switzerland

At Switzerland's largest washing machine factory, ProfiVac empties the water from the washing machines in the test line. With a sophisticated double pre-separator system, which was developed especially for this customer, it is possible to complete emptying during non-stop operation. This enables valuable time to be saved during testing.


Bütler Elektro, commercial building and offices, Sins, Switzerland

The complete cleaning of the office building and the workshops is taken care of at Bütler Elektro GmbH by ProfiVac. The switching cabinet construction production process is also optimised by a ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system. 


Brita Wasser, Neudorf, Switzerland

ProfiVac is used in the production of lime scale-removing filter cartridges for coffee machines, any numerous fixed connection ensure that the continuously flowing granulate at the production machine does not spread during filling. – In this case, it was important that an uninterrupted production process is guaranteed, since loose granulate lying around would interrupt production repeatedly.


Wyss Sanitär, commercial building and offices, Alosen, Switzerland

During the production of Geberit tubes, all burring residues are vacuum cleaned away directly at the machine. The offices and apartments in the commercial building are also cleaned with this system.


Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

To ensure that the trams are guaranteed to function without any interruptions, ProfiVac is used to vacuum clean air conditioning compressors to remove dust and leaves, and travellers also profit from clean passenger cars.


Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Schwyz, Switzerland

The Schwyz Cantonal Bank is also cleaned using a ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system. In this case, even the micro-dust that accumulates in the offices is efficiently removed to create a healthy room climate for employees and customers.


Arthur Weber Stahl AG Industrie, Schwyz, Switzerland

Arthur Weber AG is a leading provider of technical construction product systems, tools, and ironware products. In the reinforcement iron production lines, the brazier is permanently vacuum cleaned by a central vacuum cleaner system. This produces a healthier environment in the production halls.


Mühle Aeschlimann, Lotzwil, Switzerland

Since 1885, this traditional family company has produced the best cake flour and enriched organic grains. ProfiVac supports this traditional company with its hygienic cleaning and thereby ensures accelerated production.


Animal clinics in Thun, Masans, and Feusisberg, Switzerland

Prior to operations, the animals are shaved, and ProfiVac silently removes this hair to maintain the highest level of hygiene.


Hotel Rigi-Kulm, Rigi-Kulm, Switzerland

The technical room here is in the top storey, where a ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner is also installed. This extracts all of the dust and dirt upwards across four storeys into the technical room. Even this is no problem for the enormous vacuum power of ProfiVac.


Hotel Sereina, Sils-Maria, Switzerland

The hotel service for guests is improved enormously by ProfiVac, since efficient cleaning times and whisper-quiet vacuum noise enable much more flexible staff employment times. Since because hardly any noise results from the central vacuum cleaner system, rooms may also be cleaned while other hotel guests are still sleeping. This means that guests are able to check in outside of regular hotel arrival times.