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A central laundry drop system not only increases organisation in your home, it also spares you annoying picking up and carrying around dirty laundry. The dirty laundry is very simply put into the deposit door to drop into the laundry drop chute and then into the laundry room. This helps you avoid unsightly storage requirements and intermediate depots for dirty laundry and helps you create an organised household and more time for the things that you really want to do.

The benefits of a Späni laundry drop system at a glance



Child protection

Our laundry drop systems feature clever safety closures. Children can't open the door. Upon request, we can also equip laundry doors with a lock.


Simple installation

A well thought-out configurable pipe system enables implementation of your laundry drop according to your needs.


Cost efficiency

Laundry drop systems do not require high costs. After installation, there are no hidden costs.


High-quality materials

You can choose between chromed steel or polypropylene pipe systems for your laundry deposit systems. We support you in your decision regarding which material is best suited to your laundry drop system and your home.

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