Do you prefer it to be clean? »

Do you prefer it to be clean?

It's possible without noise and odours!


Central vacuum cleaners - A new dimension in vacuum cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is likely the most-used household device. Even if your apartment or your house appears to be clean at first glance after it has been vacuum cleaned, there are innumerable allergens in the air that are whirled around by vacuum cleaning. The floor seems clean, but remains contaminated by odours, dust mites, and other allergens. Especially for people with allergies, this is unpleasant and influences quality of life negatively.

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Clean air without allergens

Creating a healthy environment is only possible with a central vacuum cleaner system. The under pressure in the pipes conveys the vacuum cleaner dirt directly to the ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system and filters it. Next, the dirt is guided with the exhaust air to the outdoors. The fine dust is significantly reduced, and you'll see that much less dust accumulates on your furniture and that you need to dust much less than before.


Time-saving and gentle on furniture

A system of pipes laid in the building connects the individual storeys in the cellar. Vacuum sockets distributed across the living area enable uncomplicated access to vacuum hoses that are light as a feather. For every 120 m² of living area, one vacuum socket is installed for connection of the vacuum hose. This gives you easy access to the hose from anywhere in your home so that you can vacuum right away. Save on carrying, and spare your furniture and your back at the same time.


Quality and long life

A ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner will last for up to 30 years with minimum maintenance service. This is a low-cost investment that you will be able to enjoy thoroughly for many years and that provides recognised hygienic and health benefits.