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9 good reasons for a central vacuum cleaner


An overview of the benefits:


1. Absolute vacuum power

The ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner exceeds the vacuum power of conventional vacuum cleaners many times over. Dirt and dust is removed from the start. This saves vacuum time and produces freedom! Even high levels of fouling familiar from industrial areas are removed.


2. Less noise

ProfiVac central vacuum cleaners are extremely quiet. The vacuum device, the heart of the system, is set up outside of the living area, e.g. in the cellar. The telephone and doorbell may still be heard during cleaning. Sleeping babies and neighbours will not be disturbed.


3. Suitable for people with allergies

With a ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner, you can produce a healthier living environment at home. Harmful micro-dust and allergens are directed out of the house effectively by a pipe system. The room air quality is improved demonstrably.


4. No cable

ProfiVac central vacuum cleaners are cable-free. Annoying cables and tripping hazards are no longer a problem.


5. Gentle on your back

No more difficult pulling, carrying, and changing power sockets for the vacuum cleaner. Just plug the vacuum hose into the vacuum socket by hand. Click! - And the ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner is ready for operation. The vacuum hose is light and elastic, which makes housework a breeze.


6. Easy assembly

Installation of a central vacuum cleaner is extremely uncomplicated in a new building, where the system is included in the building process from the start. The vacuum sockets may be placed individually as required so that every corner of the house may be reached with a hose and kept clean.


7. Increased property value

A central vacuum cleaner increases the value of your home. The property is not only state of the art, it's also ecologically and economically sustainable. This pays for itself in case of a sale or rental.


8. Energy and cost efficiency

A central vacuum cleaner consumes much less power than conventional vacuum cleaners! Hardly any extra costs result to you. No filters need to be changed. Several devices use vacuum cleaner bags. In this case, only a few small actions are necessary to ensure operating security.


9. Long life span

Our vacuum cleaner systems are durable and robust. A ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner will accompany you for at least 30 years. A one-time investment pays for itself over the long-term.