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zentralstaubsauger handgriffe on off

The hand grip with an on/off function

Reduced to the most essential

The soft switch may be used to turn the device on and off.

zentralstaubsauger handgriffe powerd contr


Full speed ahead

The hand grip of the PowerControl hose may be used together with the PowerControl button to set the desired vacuum power. In this way, you can use exactly the power that you need to care for your floors. You have the option to select between 30 percent, 60 percent, and 100 percent vacuum power. The setting of the vacuum power stages is indicated to you by the LED bar. After shutting down at less than 100 percent, the central vacuum cleaner runs for four seconds automatically at 100 percent power to remove the residual dirt from the pipe system and the vacuum hose.


zentralstaubsauger handgriffe int sys

IntelligentSystem® and PowerControl®

The best of the best

All important data of the central vacuum cleaner can be read conveniently on the hand grip, without the need for making an extra trip to the system. A warning symbol lights up in good time if a filter change is upcoming or the dirt container needs to be emptied. The vacuum cleaner system informs you automatically everywhere.
With the extra function PowerControl, you can regulate the vacuum power in 3 stages - 30%, 60%, and 100%. This is advantageous if you clean different floor coverings or process different degrees of fouling. 30% vacuum corresponds with a very soft vacuum level, e.g. to clean precious curtains. 60% vacuum cleaner power to clean your favourite sofa, textiles, and carpeted floors. The highest level is intended for hard surfaces and also removes stubborn dirt from a car.