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Hose Logistic System (HLS)


Never drag around your vacuum cleaner again! Never look for storage space again! Never change power plug-ins again! With the hose logistic system, vacuum cleaning becomes child's play and even aesthetically pleasing! Because: With a central vacuum cleaner, you can declare your house a cable-free zone.


Would you have believed this? It's so easy

Your vacuum cleaner is practically invisible. The vacuum socket is the only visible element of the central vacuum cleaner system and is approximately as large as a regular plug-in socket. It is installed at a strategic point in the home in order to cover the largest radius of action. Just pull out the hose to the desired length and you can start vacuum cleaning. With the maximum hose length, you can clean a whole storey.

The vacuum hose cleans itself up

According to the hide-a-hose principle, the central vacuum cleaner cleans itself up. Simply remove the hand grip again, and the hose glides quietly back into the vacuum socket thanks to under-pressure. In a closed condition, the vacuum socket locks the pipe network airtight onto the central vacuum cleaner.

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Open the vacuum socket

page media image 2

Pull out the hose

page media image 3

Dock the hand grip onto the hose

page media image 4

Vacuum cleaning

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Close the vacuum hose

page media image 6

The hose begins to pull back into the system

page media image 7

The vacuum hose cleans itself up

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The hose is already gone; simply genius

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Already finished, and now I have time for more important things