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Pre-separators are real all-rounders! And they are ready for spontaneous outdoor use!


The little helper for rough dirt

Mobile pre-separators have one thing over vacuum cleaners: They don't just remove the roughest dirt, they can also remove a large quantity of fluid quickly and reliably. This enables water to be removed from a thawed out refrigerator, from a defective washing machine, or from flooded floors without problems. Pre-separator systems prevent polluting dust and fluid from entering the central vacuum cleaner via the pipe system. This spares your vacuum cleaner system over the long term.

How do pre-separators function?

The mobile pre-separator is positioned in front of the stationary vacuum cleaner system to use its full vacuum power. Heavy vacuum material like sand and small stones, cold ash, and cement dust is taken up efficiently and caught securely in a container. Upon reaching a maximum permitted fluid level, a floating valve automatically closes to prevent additional fouled water from being taken up. The vacuum system shuts itself down automatically.

Different attachments make the mobile pre-separator a multi-functional device

A wide range of vacuum cleaner attachments not only enable effective wet cleaning or removal of rough pieces, it also makes useful activities like vacuum wiping and steaming possible! This makes the multi-functional all-rounder an indispensable aid in workshops, hobby rooms, and at home. Its agility on rollers makes it easy to use to clean work and outdoor areas, entrance areas, fireplaces, and car loading areas comfortably.

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Cleaning windows with steam

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Catch vacuum material in the dust bag

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Use the central vacuum power

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