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Timeless, unobtrusive vacuum sockets are everywhere. The new ProfiVac vacuum socket moves with the times, so you can install it in any unique environment without any problems. Wood, stone, aluminium, glass: There's literally everything you can think of!


The right design for every living area

Welcome to "Vacuum Socket Land"! Every provider has their own vacuum socket, but not a single one of them fits a building's electrical installation. Späni Zentrale Haustechnik AG, brimming with innovative ideas and known for perfect implementation, has set itself the goal of rigorously charting the territory of "Vacuum Socket Land". A cooperation with both leading providers in the area of electrical fixtures, the Hager and Feller companies, produces the desired success.
Thanks to this cooperation, we've managed to bring a completely new vacuum socket to the market, which is no longer recognisable as such. It looks more like a button from one of these famous electrical fixture providers. Adjustments to match the covers of the overall electrical fixtures in the home are no longer just a dream, since the entire product series from each provider is available to us. Specifically, the entire kallysto® product series from Hager is available, as is EDIZIOdue® from Feller.

Do you prefer bright colours?

Say goodbye to white walls. Today, there's a lot of colour to play with. Rooms receive their own character and exert a permanent influence on our well-being and our mood. A warm red with a white vacuum socket right in the middle is a no-no! In this case, the central vacuum cleaner system is cancelled before the wall has to be painted white. We've made this problem a thing of the past. Vacuum sockets in exactly the colours of the electrical covers are possible and disappear completely "into" the wall, without having to do without the convenience of the central vacuum cleaner! Would you like more information? We're happy to help!


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