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Motor technology

Longer guarantee times and increased performance

The motor featuring bypass is gentle on the environment and your wallet

Only the best technology is used in our vacuum cleaner systems. For this reason, it's clear that only the best bypass motor technology is used. Bypass motors extend the life span of your device enormously. While the polluted air is still guided through the motor space in conventional through-flow motors and can cause signs of wear, in this case it is guided past the motor using bypass technology. A high-quality central vacuum cleaner can be recognised by its bypass motor.
The concept "bypass" is used both in medicine and technology and indicates a process of passing through or around. This also describes the functional principle of a bypass motor: The cooling of the electrical motors takes place via the slit in the lid, where clean ambient air is extracted to cool the motor space. Because the vacuum turbine space and motor spaces are completely separate from each other, the motor of the central vacuum cleaner is protected against the heated extracted air containing residual dust. No particles are capable of accumulating in the motor space. No wear occurs. Central vacuum cleaners with bypass motors therefore do not need be renewed every 5 years like other systems. A ProfiVac will accompany you for your whole life! Not only is this gentle on the environment, it's also gentle on your wallet in the long term.