Design of a central vacuum cleaner »

Design of a central vacuum cleaner

Swiss precision work for long-term use

With a ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner, you possess an excellently manufactured quality product that will provide you with enjoyment and relief for a long time, without much maintenance. From a filter system without extra costs to bypass motor technology, the ProfiVac vacuum cleaner system will accompany you for at least the next 30 years.


How does a central vacuum cleaner work?

The motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner system. This ensures that the air inside the central vacuum cleaner is rotated and powerful under-pressure results. At more than 100 km/h, the extracted air is ejected into the cylindrical cyclonic filter space. Thanks to the fast rotation movement, the particles contained in the air are pressed onto the outer wall, where they are removed into the dirt tank in a circular motion. Even heavy vacuum material is separated efficiently via the cyclone principle. The vacuum dirt is collected in the calm air in the dirt tank. This tank therefore includes a high dust collection volume, which only needs to be emptied once annually.

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1 Vibration-free connection nozzle

To ensure that no noises and vibrations are transmitted to the wall or pipe system, every ProfiVac features a vibration-free connection nozzle.


2 The filter system without extra costs

Washable polyester filters (spun-bond fleece) Every 2 or 3 years, the filter is cleaned simply cleaned under running water. No new filters need to be purchased later. Filters in the BIA C category, (smaller) 0.2 µm, ZH1/407 Our filter is suitable for clean rooms. Exhaust air directed into the outdoors may be omitted if the device is attached in a garage or a technical room (no heat loss).


3 Dust-free dirt emptying via airtight dust bag

You'll never breathe in 100 times the quantity of floating dust when you need to change the dust tank, since now when the dirt is removed, the resulting dust cloud is also omitted. The dirt tank is able to be equipped with a conventional 35 litre garbage bag, which means that no micro-dust will result in the air while emptying the dirt. No additional costs.


4 Self-deactivating charcoal brushes

After the charcoal brushes have worn out, they deactivate automatically. After exchanging the charcoal brushes, the motors will run again for years.


5 Bypass motor

Number one in vacuum power! The ProfiVac 430 always features two bypass motors, just like in professional use. The world-champion vacuum power (under-pressure: 45 kpa/4,500 mm water column) shortens your vacuum time by half: The vacuum power is more than 50% higher than most single-motor central devices.

Gentle activation of motors
Gentle activation causes the motors to receive less than the full power level at once. The motors are slowly supplied with power. A lower level wear during activation is the result. The motors possess a much longer life span as a result.

Deceleration of motors
After deactivation, the motors continue to run for approx. 2 seconds. This removes all of the dirt from the pipe system. This means that practically no dirt remains inside.

Bypass motor technology
Our vacuum turbines are also protected by a bypass so that the heated air containing fine dust particles is guided past the motors. In case of cheaper, so-called "through-flow" motors, the polluted air is blown through the motor, which has an extreme effect on the life span and the guarantee period. For this reason, we only use bypass motors, which enables us to increase the life span of our motors and devices many times over.


6 Separated motor air cooling

The cooling of the electrical motors takes place via the slit in the lid, where clean ambient air is extracted to cool the motor consistently. Because the vacuum turbine space is completely separate from the motor space, the motors are completely protected against the extracted air containing residual dust. Overheating is ruled out. This increases the life span of the motors by many years.


7 Cyclone separator

The extracted air with the fine dust, dirt, and stones is enveloped in the cyclone filter area at over 100 km/h. The cyclone separation in the round ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner rotates all of the dirt on the outer wall and presses it downwards, where it remains in the calm air of the dirt tank.


8 Power coated steel housing and dirt container

The ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner is manufactured completely with steel, chromed, and powder-coated. All components are earthed so that no static charge results like with plastic central vacuum cleaners.


9 Connection control line

You can mount a low-voltage cable here for switching on and off, and in the case of WIRELESS, this work may be completely omitted.


10 Reset button

After maintenance is complete, the reset pump is used to turn off the lamp on the hand grip. The device may be switched on manually via the reset button at the central device.


11 Clamping seal

For opening and sealing the dirt container more easily.


12 Impact protection system

The filter features an impact protection system, which therefore excludes damage to the filter due to rough vacuum dirt!


13 58 dB super noise damping

The volume is measured at 1 m clearance (DIN EN ISO 3744).