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Rental apartments

Cleaner air in your home

Renters should profit at least as well from healthier, allergen-free room air as private home owners. For this reason, we've developed the ProfiVac, the quietest installation vacuum cleaner available.

Installation vacuum cleaner for apartments

The central vacuum cleaner for apartments is so small and compact that it may be installed in any cabinet without any problems. The only thing that needs to be ensured is that the cabinet is located as centrally in the apartment as possible. In this way, a 7 to 9 m long hose may be used to clean the entire living space. A high-quality noise suppression system reduces the noise level of the installation vacuum cleaner to a minimum. No noise will reach the ears of your neighbours. And if you decide to move later, just take your central vacuum cleaner system with you to your new apartment.

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Ideal for rental apartments

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Hand-held vacuums from the hose box

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Pre-separator example for a rental apartment