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Retrofit installation

It's never too late for a central vacuum cleaner!

The retrofit installation of a central vacuum cleaner is possible with nearly any building, and it may be included in planning with just a little extra work. The pipelines are laid between coverings and installation cabinets in a concealed installation system.

  Retrofit installation in just one day

 It's even easier than expected to equip existing buildings as well with a central vacuum cleaner. The centrally installed system may be set up without complications in the cellar, heating room, or mechanical room. The attic also presents itself as a suitable location. In most cases, only one vertical line needs to be installed through the building. In order to achieve a visually attractive solution as well, the lines are installed professionally between kitchen ensembles, installation cabinets, carpets, or in unused shafts. During a careful planning phase, everything is considered: The length of the line network, the position of the connection points, and the layout of the vacuum pipes. Assembly only requires a single day.

Our service for you: We're happy to visit you on-site and advise you non-binding on the installation options and costs of a central vacuum cleaner system.

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Installation visible in a stairway column

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Invisible behind a kitchen ensemble

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Visible in the stairway