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WUUSCH (Vroom) is the ideal vacuum cleaner if you not only want to clean kitchen floors, but also work surfaces and kitchen devices in just a single work step.


And WUUUUSCH, the dirt is gone!

 The Wuusch® (Vroom) hand-held vacuum cleaner may soon be one of the extras in your kitchen. This little kitchen helper is attractive not only thanks to its compact nature, but also because of its vacuum power. Another big advantage? The Wuusch® (Vroom) hand-held vacuum cleaner saves plenty of space. With dimensions of 41.5 cm x 9 cm x 45.5 cm (alternatively 56 cm), it may be mounted in any kitchen and is always ready whenever it's needed.

Simply pull the box out of the hose, vacuum, allow to glide back, and you're finished! The flexible stretch hose may be pulled out from 1 m to a length of 7.5 m as required in order to reach any corner of the kitchen conveniently. The practical cabinet fixture saves you carrying the vacuum device back and forth and saves on irritating storage. Click here for the shop.

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Stretch hose extended

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