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Vacuum dustbin

Innovation for the kitchen

Vacuum cleaning can be so easy! With a vacuum slit at baseboard height, unwelcome crumbs disappear from the kitchen, and annoying hairs almost seem to clean themselves up. Just brush the dirt in front of the vacuum opening, press the foot switch, and the dirt is gone!


You simply sweep crumbs and dirt towards the suctioning dustpan, tap your foot and the dirt disappears – with no bending whatsoever!

With our wall model the suctioning dustpan can be installed anywhere (near the entrance, by the fireplace, in the bathroom, in hobby rooms, etc.). It will soon be indispensable in many other places as well.

The small vacuum slit with a big effect

The vacuum dustbin is very well-suitable for spaces with hard floors like tiles, parquet, and laminate. This enables it to be integrated not only in the baseboard of kitchens, but also in solid walls. Regular household dirt is cleaned immediately by pressing the user-friendly actuator with your foot.

Retrofit installation of the vacuum inlet nozzle is possible at any time, without any problems. We're happy to advise you on your selection and installation of your vacuum cleaner system!

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