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Commercial applications

Efficient cleaning for your commercial environment

ProfiVac large-scale systems are the ideal solution for cleaning your commercial areas! With the high-performance central vacuum cleaner system, large surfaces are able to be freed from dirt and dust in a flash.


Save costs and time with a ProfiVac large-scale system

Whether it's a sales area in a retail store, in your restaurant, or a service business, with a central vacuum cleaner, you save time and money while you clean, and it's also much cleverer than your current solution. A ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system offers a long life span with minimum maintenance required.  

Whisper-quiet and fast

To ensure that your customers and guests feel well, you should always show your business from its best side Thanks to the whisper-quiet ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system, cleaning times no longer need to be set outside of business hours. You can also vacuum quickly during opening times so that your business looks clean and inviting again. In a flash, you can produce healthy, dust-free environmental air for your customers and employees.

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