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A vacuum cleaner for the whole building!

Cleanliness is everything in a hotel! With a ProfiVac vacuum system, operators of bed and breakfasts and hotels are able to offer their guests a relaxing stay in a hygienic environment. And we guarantee: Our ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner thoroughly and quickly removes all of the dirt and makes the daily housekeeping work easier.


Do your guests a favour!

Reduce the fine dust pollution in your hotel by using a central vacuum cleaner. No more foul odours are released like with conventional vacuum cleaners. The exhaust air is filtered professionally and guided outdoors via a pipe system. This helps people with allergies especially. quiet!
This ensures that guests in neighbouring rooms are not disturbed during vacuum cleaning... uncomplicated!
A central vacuum cleaner makes work easier. The omission of heavy devices enables the daily work of housekeeping to be optimised sustainably. sustainable!
Our central vacuum cleaners work without additional costs for decades. No consumable materials need to be changed.

... And so easy to install!
The installation or retrofit of a large-scale system may also be implemented without extensive construction procedures. The normal hotel operation will not be interrupted.

... Inquire now!
Our specialists will show you how and which vacuum cleaner system you can use to save time and costs at your company. Send us your inquiry!


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Undisturbed well-being