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Cost and time savings

Central vacuum cleaners make sense! Conventional cleaning systems that are replaced with modern vacuum cleaning technology enable hotels to generate time, energy, and cost savings. We'll help you optimise the value creation chain in your facility management department through the use of a suitable vacuum cleaner system.


Progressive technology for modern hotels

More productivity thanks to shorter cleaning times
Our systems exceed the vacuum power of normal industrial vacuums by 2 to 3 times. One cleaning process is enough to achieve the desired results. Up to 70% of the work time of your staff can be saved with one central vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaning during idle periods
A central vacuum cleaner may be used without problems at any time. It works unbelievably quietly. Guests in neighbouring rooms are not disturbed. This also enables you to arrange hotel rooms for the next visitors during sleeping times. Another advantage of a central vacuum cleaner system: Your guests are no longer bound to rigid check-in times.

 An investment that's worth it
The purchase of a central vacuum cleaner pays for itself over years. The use of wear-free motors makes the system nearly maintenance-free. There are no resulting costs caused by consumable materials, and amortisation costs are able to be reduced by 80%.

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Efficient cleaning times