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Industrial applications

Powerful vacuum systems for every area of application

In the industrial sector, the removal of different shapes and larger quantities of dirt is essential for fluid work processes. Our central vacuum cleaners, which have been developed especially for the removal of high levels of fouling in industrial halls, help to make internal production processes more efficient.


Optimise production processes with new vacuum cleaner technology

Our vacuum systems guarantee fast, low-noise, no-residue cleaning for any work area. Multiple persons may use the vacuum cleaner system simultaneously to clean work surfaces and machines efficiently. Even heavy extracted material, hot or sharp-edged material is taken up efficiently and transported away safely. Polluted air is not blown back into the room during vacuum cleaning work, but rather guided outside via a filter system.

Whether you're looking for a mobile vacuum cleaner solution or stationary implementation, the right system is available for every need. Just get in touch with us! We create a solution that matches your needs perfectly together with you.

The benefits

•    suitable for any building
•    suitable for every type of fouling
•    suitable for clean rooms
•    absolute power level
•    multiple-person access
•    no noise pollution
•    no harmful dust

Possible areas of use for our industrial vacuum cleaners

•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Agriculture
•    Paper industry
•    Glass industry
•    Textiles industry
•    Machine construction
•    Foodstuffs industry
•    Steelworks
•    Shipyards

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Powerful vacuum solutions

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Central vacuum cleaner solutions for industry