Longer warranty periods and higher performance

Only the best technology is used in our vacuum cleaner systems. That’s why we exclusively use bypass motor technology. Bypass motors significantly extend the lifespan of your device. While conventional through-flow motors direct the dirty air through the motor chamber, potentially causing wear and tear, the bypass technology directs it away. You can always recognize a high-quality central vacuum cleaner by the presence of a bypass motor. The term “bypass” is used in both medicine and technology and refers to a process of bypassing or diverting. This also describes the functioning principle of a bypass motor: The cooling of the electric motors is done through the slots in the cover, from where clean ambient air is drawn in to cool the motor compartment. Since the suction turbine chamber and the motor compartment are completely separate from each other, the motor of the central vacuum cleaner remains protected from the heated, dust filled air. No particles can settle in the motor compartment. No wear and tear occurs. Central vacuum cleaners with a bypass motor, therefore, do not need to be replaced every 5 years like other systems. A Profivac will accompany you for your entire life! This not only benefits the environment but also saves you money in the long run.