The “Späni Zentrale Haustechnik AG” has established itself as the market leader in Switzerland for the production of central vacuum cleaner and laundry chute systems. With a versatile product portfolio that caters to both private, commercial, and industrial applications, we set standards in quality and performance. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of various fields of application to ensure optimal performance and user-friendliness.

Our History
1993 was a special year for Edgar Späni. In his home in Illgau, he discovered the benefits of a central vacuum system and a laundry chute. The use of these innovative technologies inspired him so much that in the following year, 1994, he founded the company “Bautechnik Späni.”

With growing enthusiasm for the business, Edgar hired his first full-time employee, Gerry Gwerder, in 1999. Gerry entered the field of central vacuum systems and took care of their installation. The increasing demand and the growth of the company led to the testing of the first prototypes of the proprietary central vacuum system in the year 2000.

In 2001/2002, the company continued to gain momentum. Three more specialists were given permanent positions, and two additional employees were hired full-time the following year. The company began to expand and could now pursue its main goal: the production of devices in Switzerland.

In 2003, the moment finally arrived: The first central vacuum systems “ProfiVac®” were produced and launched in Switzerland. Until that time, all devices had been imported.

2007 was also a significant year, as the innovative products “AirControl” and “IntelligentSystem” were introduced. Two years later, in 2009, due to the growing demand for central vacuum cleaners, Edgar Späni purchased the 6,000 m² warehouse in Steinen. In the same year, the company celebrated its 15th anniversary and the opening in Steinen with an open house day.

The company achieved another important milestone in 2013. To underscore its sustainability goals, the company installed solar panels covering an area of 680 m² on the roof of the production facility. Likely the only central vacuum cleaner manufacturer worldwide, the devices are now produced using ecological solar power.

In 2014, the company introduced its newly developed product “WIRELESS.” It is the only central vacuum cleaner manufacturer globally that no longer requires wiring of the outlets.

The growth continued, and the products were continually improved. In 2017, the new SLS (Hose Logistics Systems) were offered in the two Swiss standard covers, Feller/Hager.

In 2019, we welcomed Oliver Späni, the son of Edgar Späni, to our team. He quickly rose to the position of project manager and took over the planning of large-scale installations. In 2022, the new heat pump heating system was installed in our commercial building, which starting from winter 2023, will utilize our solar power to heat the various companies within our premises.

In the same year, we welcomed Jean Späni, the daughter of Edgar Späni, to our team. She took over the marketing department and has since been a key support in administration. Additionally, the latest gadget, the Roboto X8, was introduced. It is compatible with our central vacuum cleaner and makes daily tasks easier for users.