The only intelligent hose logistics system worldwide.

Never carry a vacuum cleaner again!
Never search for storage space again!
Never plug and unplug frequently again!

With the hose logistics system, vacuuming becomes effortless and even aesthetic! Because: With a central vacuum cleaner, you declare your house a cable-free zone, as the hose is built into the house.

Time-saving comfort with a clever hose system

The new profivac WIRELESS system, combined with the world’s unique profivac Hose Logistics System (SLS), represents the maximum in terms of comfort, hygiene, functionality, and efficiency in the vacuum cleaner market today. Simply pull out the desired length of the suction hose (up to max. 13 meters) from the suction socket, attach the handle with telescopic wand and floor nozzle, and you’re ready to start vacuuming.

The suction hose stores itself.

Thanks to the Hose Logistics principle, the central vacuum cleaner cleans itself up. After vacuuming, simply remove the handle, hold the hose closed with your palm, and thanks to the vacuum, the hose disappears into the wall within seconds, without the need for additional mechanical attachments. In the closed state, the suction socket seals the pipe network to the central vacuum cleaner airtight. Now all you have to do is store the world’s lightest vacuum cleaner (handle, wand, and nozzle) in the closet. Vacuuming has never been easier.

The new SLS suction sockets, matching Feller and Hager electrical switches and sockets, are now also available – and that in endless colours!
Another world first from our company!