The retrofit installation of a central vacuum system is possible in nearly any building and involves only minimal additional planning effort. Through a concealed installation, the piping is routed behind panelling or built-in cabinets.

Retrofit installation in just one day

Much easier than expected, existing buildings can also be upgraded with a central vacuum system. The centrally installed system can be easily placed in the basement, utility room, or boiler room. Similarly, the attic or garage serves as suitable locations. In most cases, only a vertical line through the building is necessary. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing solution, the pipes are professionally installed behind kitchen units, in built-in cabinets, stairs, or decommissioned shafts. During a meticulous planning phase, everything is worked out: the location of the pipe network, the position of the connection points, and the routing of the suction pipes. The installation only takes one day of work.

Our service for you: We are happy to visit you on-site and provide non-binding advice on the installation options and costs of a central vacuum system. Wherever your dream home is built!

Installation example

SLS and Wireless


Surface-mounted in the basement

The necessary SLS loop for the extendable hose is surface-mounted on the ceiling in the basement.
Thanks to a stylish wall covering, the pipes are no longer visible.
In the upper floor, the pipe is hidden in the cabinet.


Installation in a cabinet

There are many different ways to connect two floors. As shown in the picture, through a built-in cabinet.


Floor suction socket

Through a floor socket, you can leave the walls as they are, yet the suction socket remains discreet.


Installation in stair railing

In Switzerland, there are many houses built in the same style. Many of them have the staircase in the center of the house. This makes the locations for suction sockets optimal. We manufacture aluminium channels that stylishly match your stair railing. The suction pipe and sockets are pre-installed at our factory. At the customer’s location, only the prepared aluminium channels are assembled and sealed.


Recessed installation in a staircase

The most elaborate way to install a central vacuum system is the recessed solution. Walls are cut open, then re-plastered and freshly painted.


Installation behind a door

Our piping becomes invisible without much effort. For example, an installation behind a door. The pipe is hidden behind a door. On the hallway side, the socket is then recessed. Just a clean job.


Installation in a laundry chute

Our 50.8 mm pipe doesn’t require much space. For example, in an existing laundry chute, our pipe fits perfectly.


Installation in an unused chimney

Using a tape measure, the distances between the respective floors are measured. After measuring, the individual pipes are prepared. From top to bottom, the prepared pipes are sequentially inserted into the chimney.