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Then email us your floor plans, and we’ll provide you with a plan proposal and quote without obligation. With profivac’s professional vacuum system, not only is the indoor air virus- and dust-free, but you also get an ecological and economical vacuum system. Once invested, the system pays off in the long run.

It’s best to incorporate the construction of a central vacuum system into the plans for your new build from the beginning. Once you’ve identified a suitable location for the system, such as the future utility room, basement, or garage, the strategic planning of the pipe network begins. It connects the central unit and suction sockets, and is discreetly installed behind the walls. It’s important that the suction sockets are positioned at central points in the house so that as much area as possible can be covered by a single socket (100 – 120 m2). The suction sockets don’t necessarily have to be on the wall; they can also be recessed in floors, skirting boards, room ceilings, and stairs.

We accommodate your preferences.

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