Kühne Vreni

Dear Mrs. Fedier
Esteemed Späni Company

Thank you very much for the complimentary service on our system.
We are very satisfied with our vacuum cleaner as well as your company and service.
We are grateful that we chose your company when purchasing a central vacuum system.
Once again, thank you very much and continued success in your business.

Kind regards,
Vreni Kühne

Marliese Laager Kamm

Thank you very much for the tip to replace the fuses and for the plan and the 2 complimentary fuses. We have replaced them – and the system is working again. We are really pleased that we were spared an expensive repair. I am happy to recommend you to others.

Thank you very much, M. Laager.
P.S.: Swiss products are worth it after all.

Katherina Forrer from Sax

Dear Team

For your prompt response to my “Service Inquiry,” I would like to express my gratitude!

Last Friday, June 2nd, a very friendly young man arrived here, who immediately and purposefully went to work. He was not swayed by my “chatter,” sticking to his plan and system, but he answered precisely, accurately, and coherently what I wanted to know and should know… as he opened flaps and angles that I have never seen in the 10 years… that should have been dusted by me… and accordingly looked. Oops… His interaction with customers cannot be achieved by any quality management. It’s a human strength, and in the younger generation, we have an incredibly vast potential of it. (I work in vocational training and love these young people!!) Moreover, your employee who was here on Friday also has the gift of listening. He doesn’t waste a word; there’s nothing too much, nothing too little. Exactly what fits – when he listens, there is full attention and appreciation.

I often recommend the book “Momo” by Michael Ende to my students as bedtime reading. 🙂 It embodies exactly what your employee does: this kind of listening. …

What I also want to mention: Your system is extremely environmentally friendly. Everything can be disassembled and replaced (consumables). For example, not the entire pipe had to be replaced, but only the angle where you plug in the brushes for vacuuming. Genius.

I will definitely recommend your product along with your service! Thank you for everything!!

Warm regards,
Katherina Forrer

Sandra Hophan

Dear Späni Team,
That was – once again – incredibly good service: Repair and return on the same day you received our vacuum foot, and after 2 days, our vacuum was ready for use again. And all of this was free of charge.
We find this simply sensational!

Thank you very much and best regards,
Sandra Hophan

Maja Schnidrig

For the past 17 years, your brilliant central vacuum cleaner has been cleaning our house. Everything works perfectly, simply perfect. This device makes many things easier for us in our large house with 2 dogs and a cat.

My question to you: Does the system require a service, an inspection, or anything else?
Thank you for your feedback.

With kind regards,

Maja Schnidrig…… still as thrilled as on the first day.

Beatrice Arabiano-Lingg

Dear Sir or Madam,
My husband was at your place yesterday regarding our defective central vacuum cleaner. He was advised and served in an uncomplicated, competent, and very friendly manner. Simply superb! He even had to tell me twice because he was so thrilled. Thank you very much, and it’s great that there are still companies like yours. We will recommend you.
Best regards,
Beatrice Arabiano-Lingg

Judy Dietziker Haenni from Uitikon

Dear Mrs. Hess

I have just received your letter regarding the work on our central vacuum cleaner by Mr. Fedier from last week.
At this point, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for the prompt service: I spoke with Mr. Späni on February 20th, and Mr. Fedier repaired our system on the same day. The vacuum cleaner is working perfectly again. The fact that we received the work including materials free of charge under warranty is all the more pleasing.

I have been working with the ProfiVac 430 at home for almost ten years now, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything! Superb quality and performance from a company that can always provide me with top service. A heartfelt thank you to the entire Späni team!

Continued success and
Best regards,
Judy Dietziker Haenni

Walter Businger from Hagendorn

Dear Sir or Madam

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the absolutely top-notch service you provided us with after we reported a defect in our central vacuum system. Our system was repaired within hours of the damage being reported. We greatly appreciate that you did not charge us for travel costs and do not take that for granted.

If we should ever need new installations or renovations for central vacuum systems and laundry chutes, there is only one address for us – YOURS.

Many thanks,
Walter Businger

Denise Türk from Andelfingen

Dear Späni Team,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your quick and efficient service and your friendliness towards customers.
I was really pleased by that!

Best regards,
Denise Türk

Daniel Lötscher from Lucerne

Dear Mr. Späni
Dear Mr. Lüönd

I wanted to thank you for the top-notch service your company provides in the market.
On Monday, I called because I needed to quickly install a line for a renovation, and it was already done yesterday at noon, allowing me to continue with the renovations.
I have been in sales for 20 years now, but what I always encounter at your company, even with orders, etc., is simply superb.
Congratulations to your team. It starts with the receptionist who is always friendly, to the administrative staff, and extends to the installers. Cool company that I am happy to recommend to my clients.
And thank you very much for the quick completion.

Best regards,
Daniel Lötscher

Urs Bolliger from Oberstammheim

Good evening,Great service provided by you and your staff. This morning I called, and in the early afternoon, your installer was already on site and was able to “save us from purchasing a new central vacuum cleaner.” Only the “carbon brushes” needed to be replaced. If our vacuum cleaner ever gives out, we will definitely come back to you.

Best regards,

Urs Bolliger

Jürg Steinegger from Altendorf

Dear Sir or Madam,

Your message stating that you carried out your efforts on December 6, 2016, on a goodwill basis, pleased me greatly. It reaffirms my impression that I made the right choice in purchasing my four devices from the right company!
Having always been a strong advocate for Späni, I will, of course, continue to do so.

I thank you very much. I wish you all happy holidays and a successful 2017.

Best regards,
Jürg Steinegger

Laurenz Meier from Dottikon

Dear Mrs. Suter

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your accommodation! This is truly not something to be taken for granted in today’s times!!
Best regards,
Laurenz Meier

Family Buob

Subject: Repair of Central Vacuum System ProfilVac430 On/Off
We sincerely thank you for taking care of the repair under warranty, which is not to be taken for granted.
Best regards,
Family Buob

Guido Langensand

Good day Mrs. Suter
Good day Mr. Späni

Somewhat delayed, but heartfelt.
My wife and I would like to sincerely thank you for the prompt service on 05.04.2016.
The fact that you carried out this work under warranty without hesitation speaks volumes for your company and confirms to us that we have chosen the right product.

I congratulate you and am convinced that small actions can have a big impact. You have completely convinced us, and wherever central vacuum cleaners are a topic, we promote your brand. My employee Sandro Durrer-Hirschi in Kerns has since also purchased a system from you.

I wish you continued success.
Kind regards,

Guido Langensand

Claudia and Norbert Hoffmann

Dear Mrs. Hess,
We were delighted to receive your letter dated 09.09.2016, after our vacation.
We did not expect the free cleaning and inspection – thank you very much for the excellent customer service.
Warm regards,

Gretl and Ernst Schneiter

Dear Mr. Späni,
I cannot thank you enough for kindly carrying out Mr. Hudson’s work for us free of charge.
I would be delighted to refer a new customer to you if the opportunity arises. I hope it does.
Once again, many thanks and warm regards from Gretl and Ernst Schneiter.

F. Waser

Thank you very much for the very generous invoice in my favour. When I consider that at other companies, the travel costs alone are almost as much as your entire bill, it is very generous. I am also very grateful to you for the quick repair. A phone call in the late afternoon, and the vacuum cleaner is already repaired the next morning. A huge compliment from A to Z!
Wishing you a great day.
Best regards,

E. Hüppi

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service provided by your team and for your gift of labour hours/travel costs. I am happy to recommend you to others!
Kind regards,

T. Hodel

Dear Profivac,
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your prompt service work under warranty. We actually expected to receive an invoice and didn’t believe this would still be covered under warranty. Warm regards, Very, very heartfelt thanks.

M. Bachmann

I would like to give your company a big compliment. We have been using your ProfiVac 430 central vacuum cleaner for seven years now and have been very satisfied so far. When it comes to questions or orders for consumables, everything always runs very quickly and competently. The fact that even after 7 years, smaller spare parts are replaced free of charge is, in my opinion, an excellent customer service. I am always happy to recommend your company to future home planners in my circle of acquaintances.

S. Arnold

I can already say now, I wouldn’t want anything else. The air in the house is really fresh after cleaning. I can clearly feel good suction power. And dusting with the small brush on “low” is brilliant. So far, we are very satisfied and would like to thank you once again for the excellent advice. The word-of-mouth advertising in our circle of acquaintances has already begun.

M. Fischer

Thank you for the fast and uncomplicated service. Awesome!

M. Keusch

Test report Jan 12 – Jan 13: We are very satisfied with the vacuum cleaner in terms of suction power. Absolutely top-notch! We have 2 large dogs and that creates a lot of mess… Conclusion: We won’t part with this vacuum cleaner anymore.

B. Niedermann Juncker

Dear Späni team! I want to thank you for the excellent service you provide. I was treated very politely on the phone, even though I had to call several times until I found the fuse box on our vacuum cleaner. The next day, the fuses were already in the mailbox and they were even free. Thank you very much, and please continue to be customer-friendly; it sets you apart from the average!

U. Hänggi

Received excellent and very accommodating advice. We are very pleased, and it warms our hearts. We already received the vacuum hose in the mail today.

T. Steiger

Your quick and accommodating behaviour was exemplary. Now we can zoom through the house again at full speed and rid it of dust. So far, we were already very convinced by Späni’s product, but now even more so, and we will gladly recommend it. Thank you very much for the new nozzle, and continued success in your business endeavours.

N. Populin Erhart

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the competent advice and prompt delivery! Excellent service!

B. Wydler

Thank you very much for having your installers on the construction site so quickly to carry out the structural work.
And a big thank you to your installers for the professional work.

P. Bucher

We sincerely thank you for the complimentary service, which surprised us, and extend a big compliment to both the installer and the office staff for the swift completion

G. Stöckli

Wow, that’s what I call service! Many thanks!

G. Kaiser Chur

I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you sincerely. Your competent and friendly manner of advising me has impressed me a lot. In today’s world, it’s anything but normal to receive such good support when facing a problem. A thousand thanks.

E. Fischer

On December 4th, Mr. Betschart came to our place and carried out various tasks. Now you write to me, informing that you have performed the maintenance on a goodwill basis. I sincerely thank you for this unexpected Christmas gift. I appreciate this gesture very much. I am happy to recommend ProfiVac to others.

V. Porret

Today, from shortly before 12 o’clock until shortly after 12 o’clock, your employee Mr. Fedier repaired the central vacuum cleaner at my home. I would like to express my gratitude for this! Mr. Fedier quickly realized what needed to be replaced to get “my” vacuum cleaner working again. He also swiftly replaced the broken red cover on the handle. It’s great to see how motivated and calm Mr. Fedier was in carrying out his work. For this, he deserves a big thank you from me! I also appreciate that you accommodated my request to carry out the repair at an off-peak time. Also, I appreciate that.

C. Egeli

Perfect! Thank you very much for the prompt service. Why didn’t I know about your product earlier? It’s so brilliant!!!

J. Seiler

Your employee, Mr. Simonetta, performed various tasks on my vacuum system on 14.12.2015. With your letter dated December 17th, you informed me that I would receive all work and materials free of charge as a gesture of goodwill. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. After almost six years of operation, I never expected this. The system is now working perfectly again.

S. Suter

Dear Mr. Späni, indeed, my carpets seem to be special, but now I am fully satisfied: It is now working well without the carpet sticking to the vacuum cleaner.
Thank you very much and best regards.

Ps: You will sell at least one more system because of my system instead of your competitor’s! Also, your employees are very friendly and courteous.

J. Bollinger

Almost 5 years after commissioning, we are still very, very satisfied with your product. Day after day, it provides excellent service. Whenever there is a discussion about new constructions or renovations, we recommend your TOP product.

M. Lustenberger

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the superb service you provided me. As soon as I sent the vacuum cleaner hose by post, it was already back – cleaned, and even free of charge. That’s what I call customer-friendly service.