Zurich Public Transport

In the Irchel, Kalkbreite, and Oerlikon depots, the profivac central vacuum cleaner daily removes dust and leaves from the climate compressors on the roof. This ensures the trouble-free operation of the trams and provides passengers with clean compartments.
Zurich Public Transport is equipped with a profivac 7000 including a pre-separator and 60 hose reels.



Thermoplan AG

After the production of coffee machines, each device undergoes testing. Does the grinder work? Is the water boiled?

When everything functions, the device must be cleaned as quickly as possible before it is shipped. The profivac suction solution has resulted in a time savings of over 60% in this area alone. On one hand, the coffee grounds and remaining beans are vacuumed away and transported directly to the compost container via a pre-separator. On the other hand, the 100-degree Celsius hot water is also directed into the wastewater via a pre-separator.

Thermoplan is equipped with a profivac 4000 as well as a pre-separator.




In Switzerland’s largest dishwasher factory, profivac empties the water from the dishwashers in the test line. With a sophisticated double pre-separator system developed specifically for this customer, it is possible to carry out the drainage in non-stop operation. This saves valuable time during testing. V-Zug has been using this profivac central vacuum cleaner daily for 24 hours for years.

V-Zug is equipped with a profivac 1000 F and profivac 1000, as well as several hose reels.



Profivac is always at hand



Arthur Weber Stahl AG

Arthur Weber AG is one of the leading providers of building product systems, tools, and hardware. In the reinforcement steel production line, the slag pot is constantly vacuumed with a central vacuum system. This creates a healthier climate in the production halls.



SwissOptic AG!

In the cleanrooms of SwissOptic AG, the profivac central vacuum cleaner is used several times a day to create a particularly work-friendly room climate and to ensure that the cleanroom remains clean.

SwissOptic AG uses multiple profivac 430 central vacuum cleaners.


Endress+Hauser AG!

Endress and Hauser AG works on various levels with a profivac central vacuum cleaner. You are equipped with 2 profivac 1000 devices, one profivac 3000, and 67 suction outlets!


Sauber Motorsport AG

For the further development of Formula 1 cars, new parts are manufactured and moulded daily. In these areas, the profivac central vacuum cleaner 3000 helps. It increases the quality of the individual parts by multiple times and simultaneously protects the employees from fine dust.

Sauber Motorsport AG has a total of 12 suction outlets.




Eichenberger AG

Eichenberger Gewinde AG uses a profivac 4000 central vacuum cleaner to fully utilize four workstations 24 hours a day. The company uses the central vacuum cleaner to extract four grinding blocks and four air sanders. It also handles the basic cleaning in the workshop.



Wyon AG!


In the Wyon AG’s premises in Appenzell, a central vacuum cleaner 7000 is in use.


Wagner AG

Wagner AG operates in many areas. The profivac central vacuum cleaner 3000, equipped with a suitable pre-separator, is responsible for the 700-degree hot blast furnaces as well as for thorough and reliable cleaning.



BRITA Wasser Filter Systeme AG

During the production of decalcification filter cartridges for coffee machines, the profivac 10,000 central vacuum cleaner along with several hose reels are used.

Many fixed connections ensure that the continuously flowing granules do not spread during filling. It was important here to guarantee a trouble-free production process, as scattered granules could disrupt production multiple times.


Coop Supermarkt Wangen

The repair department and basic cleaning in the Coop supermarket in Wangen are ensured by 6x Central Vacuum Cleaner 1000. To streamline the entire process as much as possible, the Wangen branch works with 12 hose reels.




In the production of Switzerland’s largest glass manufacturer, Glas Trösch, a pane of glass can occasionally break. The company uses a profivac 7000 to minimize production downtime. They work with 22 suction outlets distributed throughout the building, thus reaching every corner.


Contravers AG


First Industries SA

Sandblasting is a tough job, as Pierre Muller, who has been doing this work for over 20 years, knows. Until now, he had to painstakingly shovel the sand back into the blasting machine. The profivac central vacuum cleaner 2000 saves him this work. After using the system, it shuts off, and the pre-separator automatically empties back into the sandblasting machine. This eliminates the tedious shovelling, and Pierre Muller has more time for his work.



Brun Marti Dytan AG

At Brun Marti Dytan, our central vacuum cleaners reach great heights!

The company’s cranes are equipped with central vacuum cleaners.



Max Felchlin AG

In the food hygiene zone, a profivac central vacuum cleaner ensures absolute cleanliness. The device 3500 F is used in the cocoa bean roasting facility and for the peeling machine. This not only keeps the equipment clean but also cleans the conveyor belt. Thus, Felchlin can process the cocoa beans into premium chocolate undisturbed.


Schweizer Salinen AG

In the logistics and warehouse halls of Switzerland’s largest salt producer, diligent vacuuming is done with a profivac central vacuum cleaner 3000. Overall, the central vacuum cleaner device with over 98 suction outlets removes dust and dirt.


Reismühle Kaffeemanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG

Every grain of rice counts! At Reismühle Kaffeemanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG, the basic cleaning and production are kept clean by a profivac central vacuum cleaner.


Aeschlimann mühle AG

The traditional family business has been producing the finest flour and refined organic grains since 1885. Our profivac central vacuum cleaner 3000 supports the company in hygienic cleaning as well as everyday basic cleaning, thus ensuring accelerated production.



With a profivac 1000 central vacuum cleaner and a pneumatic pre-separator, LG Rigi cleans its food-silos. In total, LG Rigi uses 34 suction outlets.




In the production and storage facilities of UFA AG in Herzogenbuchsee, cleaning has been carried out since 2015 with a profivac 7000 central vacuum cleaner and a pre-separator.



Wallimann AG!


The product store and everything associated with it is cleaned by a profivac central vacuum cleaner at Wallimann AG. This ensures the best air quality for customers and workers.


Vogt AG Stanztechnik

During the production of small electrical components, the Profivac cleans directly where the dirt is generated – namely at the grinding and polishing machines. The workstations are also cleaned daily with the Profivac central vacuum cleaner. Since 2014, the Profivac 4000 has been used for these production steps.


Bütler Elektro Telecom AG

Bütler Telecom AG is not only a partner of ours, but also a central vacuum cleaner is used in their office building and workshops. Cleaning during the production of switch cabinets is also facilitated by one of our devices. This allows workers to save a lot of time and work around the clock in dust-free environments.


Rutschi AG

Since 2017, the basic cleaning in the office building of Rutschi AG has been carried out with a Profivac 430 WIRELESS. This makes cleaning more efficient and eliminates the chance of fine dust.