Only 40 CHF per year!*

Yes, you read that right, for approximately 40.00 CHF per year (depending on the size of the house), you can have a central vacuum system installed in your condominium or single-family home. That’s less than the annual consumables for a conventional vacuum cleaner (bags and filters)!

Today, we estimate the complete installation and materials, with a 5-year warranty for the profivac central vacuum system, to range between 3,000.00 and 4,000.00 CHF (1% mortgage interest on the investment equals 30.00 – 40.00 CHF per year)!

The time has come to proactively install at least the suction pipes everywhere!

Pipe installation without budgetary strain with a construction contract

Profivac will soon become the standard in every new single-family home, condominium, and rental apartment in Switzerland. That’s why we offer every property developer the installation of the piping without immediate investment costs.

You only pay when you want to enjoy the convenience of the central vacuum system, or at the latest, 5 years after the piping is installed.

Lease Agreement

ProfiVac for 1 Swiss franc per day, that’s also possible. You pay 365 Swiss francs per year for your ProfiVac central vacuum system for 10 years. Your benefit: We cover the warranty services for 10 years (exclusively on the device – materials and accessories: 2 years warranty). After these 10 years, the entire system belongs to you.

Service Contract for Rental Apartments

You’re constructing rental apartments and want to provide added value to your tenants.
We’ll install the pipes and suction sockets for a central vacuum system in each apartment at no cost to the property developer. In return, we receive the right from the property developer to rent out a profivac central vacuum system to their tenants.

Estimated Price in CHF:

Estimated price for new construction

Standard single-family home


Single-family home with hose logistics


Standard condominium or rental apartment


Condominium or rental apartment
with hose logistics


Installation of the required piping

from 600.-

Self-installation kit wired

from 1650.-

Self-installation kit wireless

from 2100.-

Self-installation kit: Piping, bends, and suction sockets
+ Transport + VAT

from 220.-

Retrofit installation, if your house is already finished

4000.- to 6000.-

We are happy to assist you, please contact us!