2-Stage Filtration

1. Remove full filter bag

2. Close the lid of the filter bag

3. Install new filter bag

4. Close dirt container

5. Let’s continue!

Thanks to the 2-stage filtration, dust is collected directly at the suction inlet of the central vacuum cleaner. This leads to an even better filtration quality. The filter bag collects the dirt and filters it for the first time. After the dust bag, only the fine dust is drawn through our washable pleated filter. On the exhaust side, there is hardly any fine dust left. Quick handling and no more dirty experience with fine dust.

The 2-stage filtration is possible with the profivac 430 devices. You can plan the 2-stage filtration from the beginning in a new construction or add it to an existing 430 device afterwards. Our team will be very happy to advise you on your options!