Built-in vacuum cleaner for apartments

The central vacuum cleaner for apartments is so small and compact that it can be easily accommodated in any cabinet. It’s important to ensure that the cabinet is centrally located in the apartment. This allows the entire living space to be cleaned with a 7 to 9 meter long hose. A high-quality sound damping system minimizes the noise level of the built-in vacuum cleaner. No noise will disturb your neighbours\u2019 ears. Should you ever move, you can take the central vacuum system with you to your new apartment.

Renters should benefit from healthy, allergen-free indoor air just as much as homeowners. That’s why we’ve developed profivac, one of the quietest built-in vacuum cleaners. Profivac meets the higher sound protection requirements according to SIA 181.

Bild 1 Einbau Gerät in Mietwohnung
Bild 2 Einbau Gerät in Mietwohnung