Our Handle Design

The profivac WIRELESS handle has an unparalleled, unique, patented design with more comfort and functionality. It is much more robust and convenient than any other remote control hose handle. It is developed and manufactured in Switzerland. In Steinen, Switzerland, the individual components are assembled, which is why you also receive a 2-year warranty.

With a profivac handle, you have various settings that you can use in your home.

Handle On/Off…

..is streamlined to the essentials.
With the soft switch, the device can be turned on or off.



Handle PowerControl..

..full power ahead!
On the handle of the PowerControl hose, you can select between three suction levels using the PowerControl button.
This allows you to adjust the optimal suction power according to your needs.
The selected suction power level is indicated by the LED bars. After switching off at less than 100%, the central vacuum cleaner automatically runs at 100% power for four seconds to clear any remaining dirt from the pipe system and remove it from the suction hose.

100% suction power for:

Hard floors such as:

  • Tile floors
  • Parquet
  • Laminate
  • Automobile mats

60% suction power for:

Soft surfaces such as:

  • Carpet floors
  • Upholstery
  • Clothes
Bild 1 30% Saugleistung

30% suction power for:

Precious items such as:

  • Curtains
  • Office desks
  • Precious carpets
  • Pets

IntelligentSystem handle…

..full power ahead and an indication of what it needs.

The Intelligent System also has adjustable suction strength. Additionally, on the handle,
you can conveniently read all important data of the central vacuum cleaner without having to take an extra trip to the unit in the basement. A warning symbol lights up in time when a filter cleaning is due or the dirt container needs to be emptied. The vacuum cleaner system automatically informs you about all of this.


This symbol indicates that the dirt container needs to be emptied. The advantage: Users no longer need to check the fill level of the dirt tank. The central vacuum cleaner automatically notifies (approximately once a year).


The symbol lights up when the filter is dirty. Your benefit: You don’t need to purchase a new filter for the central vacuum cleaner. It is sufficient to clean the filter by removing fine dust from the lamella. You will be automatically reminded by the central vacuum cleaner when cleaning is due (approximately every 2-3 years).


The signal indicates that the carbon brushes of the central vacuum cleaner need to be replaced. The display lights up 2 months in advance. This ensures that the carbon brushes are replaced in a timely manner and there is no interruption in the operation of your central vacuum cleaner. Experience has shown that the carbon brushes are depleted after about 10-15 years.