ENOC Company


ENOC is the largest oil company in the United Arab Emirates. In the Vacuum Bays in Dubai, 350 vehicles are cleaned daily of desert sand and dust using a profivac 10,000 central vacuum cleaner, even operating at 24-hour shifts and temperatures of up to 50°C. The cleaning facility in Dubai employs 6 hose reels.



Schmidlin Holzbau

At Schmidlin Holzbau AG, the basic cleaning of production is carried out using a profivac central vacuum cleaner 4000. The profivac 4000 device is directly connected with hose reels to the machines in use via a Festool arm connection. With this solution, workers can efficiently work without inhaling annoying fine dust. The office building is separately cleaned by a Profivac 430, providing the best solution for a healthy indoor environment.




At Suter Holz, fine dust is directly extracted at the machines using 4 Festool extraction arms that are in daily use. The company operates with a Profivac 1000 and a pneumatic pre-separator, meaning the pre-separator flap is automatically emptied/operated with compressed air. The Profivac 1000 outperforms any broom.



Hess Holzbau AG

Hess Holzbau AG designs and realizes new constructions, renovations, and extensions, as well as renovations of single-family homes. To simplify and make the work process more efficient, since 2014, Hess has had a profivac 4000 F central vacuum cleaner. The hose reels serve for the direct extraction of grinding and planing machines.



Appert Bau GmbH

For Mr. Appert, basic cleaning and extraction of the circular saw are the business of the central vacuum cleaner! The profivac 1000 central vacuum cleaner is indispensable in the workshop. It is also very popular among the builders as it improves work quality. The cleaning of the office is taken care of by the central vacuum cleaner device, the profivac 430.


Even the animals like it dust-free! The cleaning at Tierheim Paradiesli has been carried out since 2019 by a profivac 1000 central vacuum cleaner. Whether animals with hair, bristles, or scales, they all love the central vacuum cleaner.



Animals requiring surgery at the Tierklinik Thun are shaved beforehand. The profivac 430 central vacuum cleaner ensures that these hairs disappear silently and quickly. This allows the veterinarians to fully focus on the well-being of the animals.



Marigin – Zentrum für Tiermedizin!

The Marigin Center for Veterinary Medicine not only uses one profivac central vacuum cleaner for basic cleaning but even three of the 430 devices! The team highly values efficient and quick cleaning of their facility.


Steiner-Beck AG

After baking the bread, excess flour or bread crumbs are vacuumed up with a profivac 1000 F central vacuum cleaner at Steiner Beck AG.


Café Konditorei Voland, Bauma

Not only the bakery, but also the café is perfectly clean.


Conditorei Schelbert AG, Muotathal

At Conditorei Schelbert, the production, restaurant, and office are vacuumed with a profivac 1000 central vacuum cleaner.


Beck Roman AG

A profivac 1000 device is used at Beck Roman. No matter if it’s fine dust from flour in production or regular dust in the retail store, everything is quickly eliminated with a profivac central vacuum cleaner!



Bäckerei Büeler

Production bakery and basic cleaning.



At Auto Heinzer in Seewen, cars and caravans are cleaned spotless with two profivac 1000 machines. The four hose reels are mounted on the workshop ceiling and columns. Thanks to this non-obtrusive installation, every sector of the workshop can be covered.

No annoying pulling out of vacuum cleaners, just pull down and the fun begins. While vacuuming, you don’t have to worry about damaging the customer’s car with the vacuum cleaner’s sled. Once you’re done vacuuming, the hose is automatically retracted back onto the hose reel and immediately switched off. The cost savings when vacuuming customer cars are enormous.

Thanks to the flexible system, you can also carry out basic cleaning via the central vacuum system.

Experience shows: If the vacuum cleaner is always within reach, it will be used. However, if you have to take it out and plug it in first, it is often skipped.



Garage-Reichlin AG, Küssnacht, Baar

At Garage Reichlin in Baar, a profivac 1000 central vacuum cleaner is used, and not only that, in the Küssnacht branch, the workers use a profivac 4000! This makes the basic cleaning and vehicle cleaning very fast and efficient every day.



Garage Rütter

The garage operates with 2 profivac 1000 central vacuum cleaners and a total of 4 hose reels in the workshop. The hose reels contribute to gentle and efficient cleaning.



Carrosserie Lang GmbH

Basic cleaning, workshop, and vehicles at Carrosserie Lang GmbH are done with a profivac 1000 and 4 x hose reels.



Heinzer`s Speckhütte, Mythen Center Schwyz

The profivac 360 central vacuum cleaner is in full swing every day at Heinzer’s Speckhütte butcher shop! The profivac vacuum cleaner easily takes care of the basic cleaning of the floors and the cleaning of the display areas.


Gasser Elektro-Unternehmung AG

We are grateful that the electrical company Gasser in the Schwyz valley is not only a good partner of ours but also vacuums with our profivac central vacuum cleaner themselves. The profivac 430 central vacuum cleaner is used for basic cleaning of the office building, in production, and for repair services!


Kino Schwyz

For the basic cleaning of the cinema halls, the builders wanted only the best. They opted for a profivac central vacuum cleaner. With the help of SLS (Hose Logistics System), the hose is quickly at hand and just as quickly stowed away after cleaning. Cleaning the cinema halls is not only a lot of fun but also saves a tremendous amount of time, says Benno Camenzind, the owner of the cinemas!

Even the children enjoy the system because they can help out in the operation. Their greatest joy is collecting the coins that have fallen out of people’s pockets and depositing them in their “piggy bank.”

In the Schwyz Cinema, a profivac 430 is used for vacuuming.



Coiffeur Barcelona Hair

A central vacuum cleaner is also essential in a hair salon! At Barcelona Hair, a profivac 430 is used for basic cleaning, and after each customer, the workstation is cleared of hair without disturbing the other clients!

Many hair salons now only do their cleaning with a profivac central vacuum cleaner and are thrilled!