Rigi Kulm-Hotel AG

Here is the technical room on the top floor, where the profivac central vacuum cleaner is installed. This allows all dust and dirt to be sucked up four floors to the top in the technical room. Even this is no problem with the enormous suction power of profivac.


Hotel Seraina AG

The service for guests is greatly improved with profivac, as efficient cleaning times and whisper-quiet suction noises enable much more flexible staff deployment times. Due to the minimal noise generated by the central vacuum system, rooms can be cleaned even while other hotel guests are still sleeping. This allows guests to check in outside of regular hotel check-in times.


Hotel Belvédére - Scuol

At Hotel Belvedere in Scuol, cleaning is done using a profivac 430 central vacuum cleaner unit. In total, there are 32 suction points installed throughout the hotel.


Hotel Hirschen Oberkirch

In 2020, Hotel Hirschen underwent new construction and renovation, during which they installed a central vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the central vacuum cleaner, the rooms, dining areas, and winter garden are now free of dust. Due to the low noise level, vacuuming can even be done while guests enjoy an aperitif.


Hotel Alpenflora - Kastelruth

Martha and Paul Plunger are simply wonderful hosts. The hotel is cleaned using a central vacuum cleaner, allowing the staff to focus on providing excellent cuisine, a great spa experience, and delightful rooms.


Hotel Arnica - Scoul

The Zogg siblings are excellent hoteliers who understand how to clean quickly and easily in today’s world.


Landgasthaus Bauernhof Lauerz

Ursi and René Dettling are very impressed with our system. They can clean the country inn Bauernhof while their guests are being culinary and down-to-earth pampered. They have even installed a hose logistics system. This makes cleaning even faster and more efficient!


Restaurant & Hotel Frohsinn

Edith, Ronnie, and Sergio have been almost effortlessly cleaning the hotel and restaurant with profivac for 17 years!


Restaurant Pizzeria Wilhelm Tell

That even keeps the pizza oven free from flour! Not just the restaurant rooms.