By advancing and integrating central vacuum technology with robotics, we have succeeded in almost completely eliminating your vacuuming chores. Thanks to our ROBOTO, you can relax and enjoy your free time while the ROBOTO takes care of the work for you.

And here’s how it works:

The ROBOTO X8 with LIDAR sensors and laser mapping system first scans your apartment/house and creates a detailed 3D map of the apartment or house (multiple floors possible). Then, the ROBOTO X8 saves this detailed plan with walls, obstacles, doors, and furniture.

With the 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery, you can vacuum for 120 – 160 minutes (depending on the suction power you have set), which corresponds to about 200 m2. You can choose the suction power yourself. The ROBOTO X8 has four suction power levels.

Afterwards, the ROBOTO X8 drives directly to the charging station. Here, the profivac central vacuum cleaner automatically empties the robot. And at the same time, the battery is recharged, repeatedly and seamlessly.

The ProfiVac ROBOTO effortlessly crosses floor edges.

Even carpet edges pose no challenge.

The ProfiVac ROBOTO parks itself at the charging station after completing its task
– until the next use.

Control System

ROBOTO X8 can be controlled in various ways. Via push-button panels, through the app (iOS or Android), or remote control, and through voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

With the ROBOTO X8 app, you can plan and program any conceivable cleaning sequence for your home, even when you’re on the go. You can set different cleaning frequencies and times for each room. Using virtual barriers, you can mark areas in the house that the robot should not access.


f you are building a new house…
we can plan the suction socket connections and connections for the ROBOTO in such a way that the robot takes over almost all of the work from the beginning, or you can also vacuum yourself if needed.

For existing profivac central vacuum cleaner systems or systems from our competitors…
you can simply plug the ROBOTO into the existing suction sockets, and the ROBOTO will clean your house or apartment independently and fully automatically. If you want to use central vacuum cleaners again, unplug the ROBOTO and use the hose to clean your home again.
In the future, it probably won’t get any easier, cleaner, time-saving, or more convenient than this.

Example installation
under a built-in cabinet: