Plan a laundry chute system into your new construction now.

With laundry chute systems, unsightly interim depots for dirty laundry become a thing of the past. The laundry disappears immediately into the laundry chute and ends up in your utility room.
This keeps your living spaces clean, tidy, and above all, free from unpleasant odours.

A laundry chute requires good planning. We support you in this.

Even though retrofitting a laundry chute system along the stairwell is possible, integrating the laundry chute system into a new construction is the easiest option. So include your laundry chute system in your construction planning from the beginning. A laundry chute system is often more affordable than you might think and brings countless benefits.

Years of experience make us a competent partner.

Benefit from our experience in the development, planning, consulting, and installation of laundry chute systems. For all questions regarding the central laundry chute system, we want to be your competent contact. Contact us.


Dirty laundry falls from every floor directly in front of your washing machine.