Jack of All Trades & Cheese Enthusiast

What would we do without René Bürgler? Our jack of all trades is a trained dairy technologist, but later spent a few years working in a carpentry and joinery workshop. Here, he no longer has to work with the beloved dairy product, but instead enjoys more variety than ever before! When it comes to carpentry work, installations, painting, or building maintenance, he’s our man. In his spare time, he’s the proud owner of a little “Eusch,” named Nöli.

Accountant & Animal Lover

As our accountant, Judith Maissen juggles numbers in the office, but at home, she juggles with a dog and two cats. Her dog, Jeay, is always with her in the office. Oh, if only every worker had four paws and a fluffy fur coat…

Installer & Youngest in the Pack

Marlo Knecht is a trained electrician and has found an important place in our team of installers. He helps wherever he can to lend us a helping hand! In his spare time, he’s more of a laid-back companion.

Administration & Full-Time Mom

Seraina Marquart is currently a full-time mom, busy with diapers, baby food, and children’s books. As a balance, she can calmly handle invoices, orders, quotes, or tasks in our office. Fortunately, her children don’t have to be without their mom for too long. It has its advantages when you live nearby.

Production Manager with Music in His Blood

Beat Immoos not only supports us in production as a trained electrician. He is always there for the small an big problems! When he’s not working, you’ll often see him on his bike, in nature, or with his band, Bad Sin.

Marketing, Administration & a Farm

As a trained florist, Jean Späni must always ensure that many things are aesthetically correct. She can now fully unleash her creativity in the marketing department! As a break from the office routine, she and her partner run a farm at home with cows, a tractor, and all the trimmings.

Founder, Full-Time Boss & Gourmet

Edgar Späni, our CEO and founder of Späni Zentrale Haustechnik AG, is always around and can’t resist checking in occasionally even during vacations. He prefers to spend his free time either at home or in a very good restaurant.

Cleaning Fairy & Garden Gnome

Thanks to Christa Nideröst, everything is sparkling clean with us. One of her hobbies includes gardening, where corn, honeydew melons, tomatoes, zucchinis, and much more thrive.

Top Installer & Hobby Chef

Patrick Fedier is our experienced installer, handling everything from routine service tasks to specialized installations. In his free time, you can find him in the kitchen or in the garden. He also enjoys visiting flea markets or thrift stores! Patrick is also interested in restoring old compressors, which is why he’s very knowledgeable about such devices in our business.

Export, Administration & Language Enthusiast

Whenever someone in our office reaches a language barrier, i.e., when a customer speaks another language, we call Trudi Fedier! She is fluent in French, English, and is also learning Spanish. You can always ask her for Italian too.

Production Worker & Sweet Tooth

If you need to ask Christian Deck for something, it’s best to have something sweet with you! When he’s not testing equipment or packing parcels, he enjoys tinkering with vehicles in his garage at home! If he doesn’t have a big vehicle to restore, he also enjoys model building.

Field Sales Representative & Trade Fair Consultant

She’s been with us almost from the beginning and still hasn’t had enough! You’ll probably find Sandra Rüegg at every construction fair in this country. Always well-informed and enthusiastic about our product. At home, she has two children and a farm. Fun Fact: Sandra taught the two Späni children how to ski!

Installer & British-turned-Swiss

Our in-house James Bond, Mike Hudson, has been in Switzerland for many years. Fortunately, he has retained his British sense of humour. He is one of our top installers, and we wouldn’t let him go! He is the most travel-happy among all of us and has worked and lived in various countries.

Production & Favorited Grandma

Astrid Monticoli is responsible for all suction outlets or installation sets. All the new wireless handles also go through her capable hands. She also has her hands full at home, being the grandma of two very lively children.

Junior CEO & High-Flying Junkie

Next time you look up into the sky and see a paraglider crossing your field of vision, it might be our Junior CEO, Oliver Späni. He’s currently completing his paragliding certification. He’s also become indispensable in our business. He handles purchasing, planning, sales, and large-scale project planning.