For concealed installation of a laundry chute system made of polypropylene:

Polypropylene is a hard and sturdy plastic, which is particularly suitable for use in laundry chute systems due to its resilience.

Resilience and safety through polypropylene pipe system

Polypropylene is very suitable for use in single-family homes because it is flame-resistant and resistant to chemicals. Polypropylene pipes are cheaper to purchase than stainless steel pipes and, due to their wall thickness, have a higher level of self-insulation.
Our polypropylene pipe systems are not statically chargeable and have a better value than the legally required fire rating of 4.2. In the event of a fire in your home, no toxic gases or vapours are producued.

Installation of laundry chute systems made of polypropylene

Unlike stainless steel pipes, polypropylene pipe systems are installed concealed. They are directly embedded into the wall, so that only the laundry door is visible in the living space later on.