The vacuum cleaner remains the most frequently used household appliance. Späni Zentrale Haustechnik AG in Steinen, Schwyz, is the only Swiss manufacturer of central vacuum systems and has advanced the development of the unique profivac central vacuum system in recent years with a lot of innovation and creativity. It is proven: profivac central vacuum systems are easier, dust-free, quieter, furniture-, door-, and back-friendly, money- and time-saving, more powerful, and smarter than any other vacuum solution!

In a class of its own, the most powerful system available on the market

  • No more wiring, time and material savings during installation
  • Guaranteed operation through 3 concrete floors (without repeater)
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Safety shutdown

The WIRELESS handle and the central vacuum cleaner communicate with each other. If there is a temporary restriction or blockage of the suction hose, for example, if your child holds the suction hose, this will be detected by the system. The central vacuum cleaner will pre-emptively shut off automatically.

Forgetfulness circuit

Our central vacuum cleaners operate so quietly that even the doorbell remains audible and the baby is not awakened. If you forget to turn off the vacuum cleaner, the system will shut off automatically after one hour.