Enjoy your stay stress-free and dust-free!

The hotel is an oasis of relaxation for all visitors. Vacationers don’t want to be bombarded with vacuum cleaner noise and fine dust even on holiday! With a profivac large-scale system, you provide your guests with a healthier environment. Polluted air in hotels or gastronomy establishments creates an unpleasant feeling for hotel guests. The use of our profivac central vacuum cleaner thoroughly and silently removes all dirt, and we dispose of the fine dust immediately through the exhaust duct outside.

… so quiet
that even guests in the neighbouring room are not disturbed during vacuuming…

… so straightforward
that a central vacuum cleaner means work simplification. By eliminating heavy equipment, the daily work routine in housekeeping can be optimally streamlined.

… so sustainable
Our central vacuum cleaners work without follow-up costs – and that for decades. No consumables need to be repurchased.

… And so easy to install!
The installation or retrofitting of a large-scale system can be carried out without major construction measures. Normal hotel operations are not disrupted in the process.