Aerosols (viruses) remain in the air for over 20 minutes! Fine dust from floor and broom vacuum cleaners remains in the air for over 10 hours until it settles back on the floor and furniture.

Fine dust makes you sick.

When you think of fine dust, do you think of the diesel scandal or exceeded limits in major cities? Unfortunately, you don’t have to go that far. In your own apartment, the exposure to fine particles is often much greater than outdoors! That’s why it’s more important than ever to successfully eliminate fine dust. The right vacuum cleaner is crucial in this regard.

Incorrect vacuuming

1-Dimensional Cleaning – Afterwards, only the floor is clean

In grandmother’s time, the recommendation from manufacturers of floor vacuum cleaners was to always open all windows and properly ventilate after vacuuming. The intention was to remove as much fine dust as possible from indoor spaces. With today’s floor vacuum cleaners and cordless broom vacuum cleaners, this recommendation would still be very important, as modern micro dust has become even finer due to better filters and therefore remains airborne

Proper vacuuming is crucial.

Today, people spend more than 80% of their lives indoors and consume about 14,000 litres of air per day. Therefore, the quality of indoor air is the most important criterion contributing to our well-being. Whether at home or in the workplace (office, hotel, nursing home, commercial building, hospital, etc.), good indoor air quality is essential for health and well-being. However, many factors affect the air quality indoors. The most important thing is to use the right machine when vacuuming.

3-Dimensional Cleaning – Floor and air are clean, no more dusting required

With the profivac central vacuum cleaner, you not only clean the floor thoroughly but also ensure that the air remains 100% free of viruses and fine dust. Moreover, there is no need for dusting anymore. And here’s how it works: Central vacuuming always goes in one direction, namely outside! From the suction nozzle, the fine dust always moves towards the central vacuum cleaner in the basement. After filtration, we simply blow the remaining fine dust with viruses and bacteria outdoors! This avoids dust stirring up before vacuuming the fine dust. Afterward, no micro dust contaminated with viruses, bacteria, or aerosols is blown back into the rooms, kitchen, or bathroom through the exhaust air.



Uncompromising suction power

The profivac central vacuum cleaner exceeds the suction power of conventional vacuum cleaners by multiples. Dirt and dust are eliminated immediately. This saves vacuuming time and creates leisure time! Even high levels of dirt, as found in industrial settings, are removed.

Less Noise

Profivac central vacuum cleaners are extremely quiet. The suction device – the centrepiece of the system – is installed outside the living area, for example, in the basement. Even while vacuuming, you can still hear the phone and doorbell. The sleeping baby or the neighbours won’t be disturbed.

For Allergy Sufferers

With the profivac central vacuum cleaner, you bring a healthier indoor climate into your home. Harmful micro dust and allergens are effectively directed out of the house through a pipe system. This significantly improves indoor air quality.


No Cables

Profivac central vacuum cleaners are cordless. No more bothersome cables and trip hazards in the way.

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The tedious task of pulling, dragging, carrying, and plugging in the vacuum cleaner is eliminated. Simply insert a handy suction hose into the suction socket. Click! – And the profivac central vacuum cleaner is ready for operation. The suction hose is light and flexible – making household chores easy.

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Simple Assembly

The easiest installation of a central vacuum system is in a new construction, where the system is considered from the beginning of the building process. The suction sockets can be placed individually according to needs, ensuring that every corner of the house can be reached with the hose for cleaning purposes. Installation is also possible in existing properties without any issues!


Increase in Property Value

By installing a central vacuum cleaner, your home gains value. The property is not only technologically up-to-date but also environmentally and economically sustainable. This pays off again when selling or renting out.


Energy and Cost Efficient

A central vacuum cleaner consumes much less electricity than conventional vacuum cleaners! You will hardly incur any follow-up costs. No filters need to be replaced. Some devices use vacuum cleaner bags. Only here, minimal expenses need to be made to ensure operational capability.


Long Lifespan

Our vacuum cleaner systems are durable and robust. A profivac central vacuum cleaner will accompany you for at least 30 years. Once invested, it will pay off in the long run. For ecological reasons, the casing remains intact. The components in the device can be replaced individually. After that, you have an almost new device again! Help reduce electronic waste.