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Are you planning your dream house? Then plan your healthy environment with us! With a professional vacuum system from ProfiVac, not only do you receive clean room air, but you also introduce an economically and ecologically sustainable vacuum cleaner solution to your home. Once invested in, the system pays for itself over the long term.


It's best to include the construction of a central vacuum cleaner system from the start in the planning of a new building. After you have found a suitable space for the system, e.g. in a future home economics room, cellar, or in the attic, it's time to begin the strategic planning of the pipe network. This connects the central device and the vacuum socket and is laid invisibly behind the walls. It's important that the vacuum socket is positioned at central points in the house, so that as many areas as possible can be covered with one vacuum cleaner. The vacuum sockets do not necessarily need to be located on the wall; they can also be placed in floors, baseboards, ceilings, and stairs. We respond to your individual requests.

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