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Price examples


Recommended price for new buildings

Installation of the ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system is not expensive. For a living area of 200 to 300 of square metres distributed across three storeys, the investment costs for a new building are around 3,800 Swiss francs, completely assembled. It's also recommended to install at least the minimum required pipelines, which amounts to around 1,400 Swiss francs. The pure material costs for the pipelines amount to 300 francs.

Pipe installation within your budget

ProfiVac will soon be the standard in Switzerland in every new single family home. For this reason, we offer every builder the installation of the most necessary pipelines without immediate investment costs.

You only pay once you want to enjoy the comfort of the central vacuum cleaner, or we invoice you for the pipeline in five years.

Leasing contract

The ProfiVac is also available for 1 franc per day. Over 10 years, pay 365 francs per year for your pro ProfiVac central vacuum cleaner system. Your benefit: Over the 10 years, we assume guarantee service (for the device only – material and accessories: 2 years guarantee), and after 10 years, the complete system belongs to you.