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A healthy room climate with air free of fine dust is essential to a productive workday. Employees are only able to complete their work efficiently with fresh room air.


Create a healthy environment in office areas with a central vacuum cleaner 

Conventional vacuum cleaners blow the dusty air back into the room. In this case, agitated dust settles on monitors, carpets, and other office surfaces. People with allergies in particular and people who react sensitively to dust may develop allergic reactions to this, e.g. throat irritation. If office spaces are cleaned with a central vacuum cleaner, then the air will also be freed of these allergens. In this case, the extracted air is first moved to the central vacuum cleaner, filtered, and then expelled outdoors via the exhaust air line. Therefore, the dust never even has a chance to collect in office spaces. The result is a dust and dirt-free space and a healthy room climate.